How to download 1xBet Kenya app

People were always interested in gambling. It is all connected with adventure, taking chances and passion. Besides, an opportunity to win a fortune is here as well.

Then the digital era came, and we all live in it now. Everybody can get almost everything on the Internet. Gambling is not exclusion. There are numerous betting web portals, online casinos, and other great possibilities to have a good time playing favorite games and betting on sports and other events.

One of the most famous and powerful betting portals is 1xBet. Its users know perfectly well how to play all games and place bets using the desktop version of the website. However, the latest trends show that Internet users prefer mobile devices for doing almost all tasks. The hardware of modern mobile devices allows them to do very complex tasks, so, players can easily use them for betting. The question is if 1xBet can match these trends.

Of course, it is. 1xBet app Kenya is a free solution for all gamblers which will provide access to all necessary options from a smartphone or a tablet on the move. A casino and a betting company are compiled into a small mobile application, easy-to-operate and understandable, with appropriate usability.

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1xBet mobile app versions

1xBet mobile apps

1xBet mobile app is compatible with all mobile OS types. There is a version for Android (it is called 1xBet apk), iOS version for iPhone/iPad, and a Windows Phone version. It does not matter where you are located. For example, if you need the 1xBet Kenya app version, you should get the “general” mobile app and log in under your Kenyan account. 1xBet Kenya app is determined by the user’s account and not by some specifications of the application.

All you need is to download and install the mobile app and log in under your account (or create a new one if you are not a registered user so far) to get to the usual area.

Important! One user can’t have more than one account at 1xBet or any other betting platform. It is illegal. One person can have only one account at these resources, and any double accounts will cause nothing but problems. When a secondary account belonging to the same user is detected, both IDs will be blocked and all funds will be frozen.

So, when you install the 1xBet app on a mobile device as a secondary point of access, login as an existing user with your username and password. If you never used the service, and it is your first time at 1xBet – then you can click the “Registration” button and get registered.

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1xBet mobile app: Android version

1xBet Android download

Android OS is the most popular mobile OS in the world. Statistics claim than it occupies almost 80% of all mobile devices.

Taking into consideration this OS worldwide distribution, it is understandable that most gamblers will need the Android version of the 1xBet mobile app on their smartphones. However, Google Play won’t distribute 1xBet app for Android users. You will need to download the 1xBet mobile app separately from the official website.

The official name of this app is 1xBet apk. It has great usability, and its interface is similar to the website. Thus, a new mobile user won’t have any difficulties looking for the customary features. Many mobile versions of famous services are limited in functionality comparing with the full website versions, but it is not so for the Android 1xBet apk.

The mobile platform offers the following options:

  • All betting options which are supported by the full website 1xBet version.
  • Bets on games like Bingo, Poker, Baccarat, and Crap.
  • Functional online casino with the most popular classical games – 777, Money wheel, Eagle or Tails, Backgammon, 1xDice, 21, and some others.
  • Live streaming with the possibility to watch the favorite sports events on air.
  • Vertical and horizontal view – it is especially convenient when you use the 1xBet mobile app for Android on a big screen tablet or smart-TV.
  • Full-screen viewing mode.
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How to download 1xBet mobile app for Android

Before you download the 1xBet apk application, please do some adjustments on your mobile device. Like it is already mentioned, the Android version of the 1xBet app is not present on Google Play. As a result, this software might not be considered as “trusted”, and your phone might block the downloading and installing process. So, first of all, a user should allow installing apps from “unknown sources”:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu of the smartphone and navigate to the “Security” section.
  2. Open the “Install unknown apps” section and enable the option to allow such applications.

You might be concerned about your device and data security with this configuration. Don’t worry, this should be done once only, and you can get back to the default safety settings after installing the 1xBet apk app.

The latest versions of the Android OS will let you install this mobile app and add permissions in the process.

Do the following to download and install the betting application of 1xBet:

  1. Launch the mobile browser on your smartphone/tablet and navigate to the official download page.
  2. Select the Android version – 1xBet apk – and download it onto your mobile device.
  3. Your mobile device will warn you about the file download from the unknown source – confirm that you want to download that loader.
  4. When the downloading process is completed, open the app in the system tray, tap it, and follow the hints to install 1xBet apk.
  5. Tap the icon of the installed mobile version of the 1xBet app to launch it. Login as an existing user with your current username and password.
  6. If you are a first-timer and don’t have an account on this platform – tap the “Registration” button and choose one of the options to create a new account.
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The functionality of the 1xBet mobile app for iOS devices

The 1xBet app for Apple mobile devices is available at the official App Store. You can simply navigate to this item and get it on your iPhone or iPad in the same way as the rest of the iPhone apps. Though, there are some issues that one should take into consideration.

Unlike the Android 1xBet apk, the mobile app for the iPhone differs from the main website version. Its interface is organized differently, events are grouped differently. Thus, if you were a habitué of the website version, you will need some time to master the 1xBet mobile app for iOS. The same is in case you were an Android user and switched to the iOS device. You will need to get used to the new look and navigation of the mobile betting platform.

The good news is that it won’t take long, the interface of the 1xBet Kenya app (and all other regional kinds) for iPhone is smart and easy-to-master.

You will get used to it fast. Note the following features:

  • Separate sections for the upcoming events and live events.
  • Different categories for the sports events with the possibility to view them on the same grid.
  • Additional sports events – sailing, softball, cricket, virtual sports.
  • Traditional casino games with live dealers.
  • Full-functional betting board with the possibility to adjust your bets with one click – this is optimized for using the 1xBet mobile app on the move.
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How to download 1xBet Kenya app for iOS

1xBet iOS download

You can get this software directly in App Store, but the process is a little bit tricky:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section on the iPhone/iPad and navigate to the “iTunes and App Store”.
  2. View your Apple ID and go to the “Region/Country” area.
  3. Tap the category and change the country, select the necessary one from the drop-down menu.
  4. Apple will provide you with the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” documents. Read them and accept it.
  5. Confirm all changes.
  6. You will be given a new form to fill. Make sure to add the necessary data into the obligatory fields. Pay attention to the “postcode” area and put 1000 AA there.
  7. Again save all changes and proceed.
  8. Tap the App Store icon and browse to the 1xBet app.
  9. Download and install the application on the iPhone or iPad and open it to login as an existing user or get registered for the first time.
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1xBet app: Windows phone version functionality

1xBet for Windows

Windows OS is the king among the desktop and laptop OS, besides, there is a mobile Windows OS that is used on smartphones and tablets. This means that the 1xBet platform is compatible with them all as well. There is a mobile application for the Windows Phone. In case you want the 1xBet Kenya app – look for 1xWin – this is the official name of the app which you need to download and install.

The 1xBet mobile app for Windows phones and tablets is a convenient application for betting and gambling.

The following options are available in it:

  • All types of betting including the pre-match betting and the “in-process” betting, and single and accumulated betting.
  • Online live streaming of sports matches – Golf, Football, Baseball, and Boxing together with some other sports are supported for watching online.
  • Access to the full databases of odds and coefficients.
  • Toto – 1xWin provides the possibility to make Toto bets. The options are: correct score, Toto 15, and Toto football.
  • Betting on TV games.
  • Direct access to all the betting history in the mobile app.
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How to download 1xBet app to Windows Phone

1xWin is the version of the 1xBet mobile app developed for the Windows environment. It is suitable for both the desktop PC and laptops and this loader is also compatible with Windows Phone.

Do the following to get the 1xBet Kenya app for the Windows OS:

  1. Launch the mobile browser and navigate to the address on the official website.
  2. Choose the “1XWIN App” section and click the “Installation instructions” button to view the guide.
  3. Get the “.exe” loader on your Windows mobile device and execute it to launch the process.
  4. Follow the hints of the OS, proceed, and complete the installation process.
  5. Login to your account with the existing credentials or click “Registration” to create a new user if you did not use the 1xBet services before.
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1xBet mobile version: interface and options

1xBet mobile version

To use the mobile device for placing bets via 1xBet you might install the 1xBet Kenya app at all. As additional adjustments have to be implemented to make it possible to get the loader, users might think it’s not worth being bothered.

There is another way out, you can use the mobile version of the 1xBet website. It is available via a browser, thus, it is compatible with any mobi OS and does not demand any additional configurations. It works perfectly in all browsers built on Chromium, as well as in Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Mobile version of the 1xBet website has a somehow simpler interface, but it offers almost all options which are present in the “full-size” version:

  • Direct access to all data available for a player like odds, stats, special offers, promo codes, market reviews, etc.
  • All types of bets are supported.
  • Live streaming of the favorite sports games.
  • Access to all games to bet on as well as access to other non-sport events within a click.
  • Customizable interface with different language versions (English is set by default, you can change it).
  • Easy and convenient registration procedure. Users can get verification of the account via SMS sent to your phone number or email.
  • Adding funds, cash withdrawal, bonuses, and full customer support.
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Download 1xBet loader

1xBet mobile version

The main 1xBet mobile app version is the Android application. It dominates the market of Android-based devices.

1xBet mobile app provides full access to placing bets on almost all sports all over the world. It covers popular team games like football, ice hockey, basketball, and rugby.

Also, you can bet on the “niche” sports like chess or snooker if you are a dedicated follower. Besides, many more team and individual sports events are covered for betting.

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Online 1xBet mobile casino and its performance

The mobile casino section is rather functional. There is a convenient system of placing bets before the game starts and in the process.

Players can add funds to their deposit and withdraw cash in the same way as in the full version of the web portal. The only drawback is the somehow embarrassing accumulators section.

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Available types of 1xBet mobile bingo

There are two types of Bingo supported by the 1xBet mobile app – Bingo 37 and Bingo Boo. The feature which attracts most of all is the possibility for many players to participate in the game of bingo using the 1xBet app. Thus, you can play with a real rival, not a computer, and feel like being in a real casino.

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Options to play in 1xBet poker app

To play poker via 1xBet app, you can choose between the real players and computer numbers generator. The interface is user-friendly enough.

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1xBet mobile app: bonuses for new users

1xBet bonuses

One of the main attractions of 1xBet is its bonus system. There are plenty of possibilities for users to increase their deposits and use virtual funds for bets.

With a little luck, they can turn into real money. The “welcome” bonus is given to the new players after registration and topping up the balance. The size of the bonus will depend on the initial deposit. But one can be said for sure: 1xBet is a very generous resource.

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Welcome bonus €130 for the initial deposit

Great news: the bonus for the first deposit if 100% – you get your deposit doubled at once. And the maximum bonus in this category has been increased up to 144$.

Also, a player will get 300 points under the following conditions:

  • The bet is not less than 10$.
  • The bet must be placed on the “express” set of 5 events.
  • Each event must have a coefficient of 1.4 and higher.
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System requirements for 1xBet mobile app

Versions of the 1xBet mobile app for different mobile OS do not produce high demands, they are optimized to work on most of the devices.

Though, of course, the more powerful your smartphone/tablet is, the better performance you will achieve. Below you’ll find the minimum system requirements to install and run a mobile 1xBet app version.

Requirements for Android OS:

  • Minimum 4.4 Android version and higher.
  • Screen resolution: minimum 320×480 and higher.
  • Connection: minimum 3G, preferable 4G.

Requirements for iOS mobile:

  • Minimum iPhone 5 and higher.
  • Minimum iOS 7 for iPad and higher.
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The main advantages of 1xBet mobile app

No matter which 1xBet app option you choose to make bets from your mobile device, you can choose the most suitable solution for any environment and hardware.

1xBet mobile app is compatible with all mobile OS, it is easy to operate and does not consume many resources. A player can get all the necessary options on a smartphone or a tablet and use the mobile device to place bets, manage the deposit, withdraw cash and just play the favorite games and follow the favorite sports in real-time.Free registration reward

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